Food Co-Op

Food Co-Op

Catapult POS for Food Co-Op Success

Catapult is the leading point of sale system for food cooperatives. Because we maintain a value-focused, customer-centric approach, our solutions are ideal to handle the unique nature of food co-op grocery stores.

Cooperatives are member-owned and community-focused, dedicated to improving the quality of life for both their owners and their neighbors by providing quality, value and accessibility for all. This store model presents a unique set of challenges that need to be addressed. Catapult POS was built to provide Food Co-Ops and their members with the tools necessary to not only service their unique needs, but exceed their goals.

Catapult’s automated inventory tools, back office management resources, and membership management functions will empower Food Cooperative users to ascend to new heights of operational efficiency.

Fast, Efficient, Unified Point of Sale

Catapult goes beyond omni-channel and it’s more than just a cash register. It is a scalable grocery management platform thanks to Unified Transaction Logic™. This means all critical areas of operation in your enterprise are connected in real time. Your transaction touchpoints all work as one platform, on one platform.

In other words, it is a comprehensive solution that enables efficient management of all facets of store operations – POS, back office, inventory, online ordering, mobility, customer management, loyalty, marketing, scale management, and reporting. It isn’t connected to those things – it IS those things.

Food Co-Op MembersEasy Membership Management

Member-owners are the lifeblood of the food co-op, when members thrive, so do their stores. The Catapult Membership Module leverages the Customer Tracking system in Catapult point of sale and tracks specific information vital to the membership in real time right from the point of sale. An easy-to-use interface streamlines control over member programs and allows cashiers to access all functions related to member accounts, including new member signups, renewals, and timely co-op fee collection.

Automatic Membership Fee Collection

When equipped with the Membership Module’s functions, Catapult enables associates to setup Membership pricing and renewal reminders to be automatic by member, to ensure that they meet all membership obligations. When memberships have expired and are not yet renewed, members and associates are automatically reminded at the point of sale that the membership fees are due for renewal and allows the cashier to include them in the current transaction. In this frictionless way, cooperative stores can avoid scenarios where someone who hasn’t paid dues receives membership benefits at the point of sale.

Secure OneTouch Biometrics ScanningRevolutionary Biometric Technology

At the press of a finger, cooperative members can be quickly associated with their member account with Catapult’s Secure OneTouch™ biometric technology. They can instantly make payments without cards or cash, collect points for loyalty, and apply e-coupons and in-store discounts in real-time. Because it’s fingerprint, you know it’s secure, and without unnecessary cards or phone or member number entry at the cash register you know it will be fast. For members, who aren’t fumbling around with that membership card they always seem to forget, the whole experience is so much more convenient. Now that’s frictionless commerce!

Track Member Information Easily

Associates of the Cooperative can easily track and report on member owner patronage to see how often a member has contributed to the cooperative. Cashiers with the proper security allowances can see customer profiles, update addresses, phone numbers, and emails; apply discounts, process refunds, charge membership fees, and edit price levels without ever leaving the point of sale. Catapult POS becomes the single point of reference for all data in the Food Co-Op, eliminating the need for spreadsheets, books, card files, or other antiquated and less efficient ways of managing Co-Ops.

Round Up For Charity

Socially conscious store models like Co-Ops are often interested in supporting their own communities and their memberships any way they can. It’s this close connection to their neighbourhood that makes them unique. Catapult offers an excellent feature for businesses looking to raise money for single or multiple charity organizations by enabling the store to have an automatic prompt every time a transaction is competed to “round up” the change to the nearest dollar for the charity of their choice. For those customers that agree, the cashier simply presses a button and the transaction rounds off automatically, collects the change into a non-sale total and assigns it to that charity which can be reported on at a later date when it comes time to issue the money to the respective organization. Once you have this working, charitable organizations will be encouraged to recommend your store to all of their members. Now that’s community cooperation!

Automatic Reordering

Catapult’s full-spectrum inventory management capability can replace your current inventory management software and cut down on complexity and costs. Capital freed up can be reinvested into the lifeblood of your store… your cooperative community. Catapult makes perpetual inventory possible for even single store operations. DemandFill® helps stores avoid stock-out scenarios and keeps fresh food orders flowing at optimal pace.

Food Cooperative InventoryPerpetual Inventory & Replenishment

Perpetual inventory helps to avoid stock-out scenarios and keeps fresh food orders flowing at optimal pace. Order Assist™ module displays displays suggested item order quantities based on forecasted auto-replenishment calculations and can then generate a purchase order for each associated supplier.

On-Floor Inventory Adjustments & Label Printing

While you’re on the floor, you can easily print easy to read, high contrast shelf labels using a portable label printer. Now store associates can print shelf labels on-the-fly from anywhere in the store!

Reporting & AnalyticsTrack Sales Performance with Reporting & Analytics

Cooperatives face unique challenges that other grocery retailers do not. The careful balancing act required for profitability is made even more in complex in cooperative environments, where property, operations (and decisions), are not owned by a single person. Co-ops are socially conscientious, active participants in their communities, and need accurate intelligence to make the right management decisions.

300+ Reports For Store Analytics

With over 300 pre-built reports established from best practices as well as customer requests, you will gain the insight you need to better run your business. Each report can be filtered by endless data dimensions.

Visual Intelligence Dashboard

With Catapult Dash™, a live visual intelligence dashboard, you can quickly see your most important data elements in graphic form with drill-down capability.

Run Reports By Product And Department

Our POS software can run reports by product and department so you know what brands and what items are driving your sales – scalable from a few store locations to hundreds.

Multiple Payment Options

Payments can be processed using Credit & Debit with Canadian Pin & Chip, NFC Touchless Tap & Pay, Apple Pay, no transaction fee self-hosted gift cards, and even third-party gift cards.

General Ledger Export

Catapult’s comprehensive back office management tools enable executives to manage loss prevention, conduct employee audits, track performance and productivity, and monitor labor costs.
Catapult features a General Ledger plug-in that can quickly translate worksheet and transaction data from your store[s] into credits and debits for your double-entry bookkeeping system.
The General Ledger interface saves many hours of expensive, skilled accounting labor by harnessing your existing data to get the job done quickly and easily.

Food Co-Op Features At-a-Glance

  • Efficient membership management
  • Fast, friction-free transactions
  • Easy-to-use POS interface
  • Full-Spectrum Inventory Management
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Sales tracking
  • Many ways to pay
  • Back office functions
  • General Ledger Export