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Scale Management

Scale Management

Redefining Retail Scale Management Technology

Pricing accuracy between the scales and the point of sale is important in maintaining not only profit but also integrity and trust between the merchant and the client. Labeling accuracy can be of critical importance in not only customer trust but also critical to passing regulatory guidelines. For that reason, Catapult Retail Software interfaces with dozens of scale solutions as well as their very own revolutionary AutoScale touch screen scale solution.

AutoScale Pole MountAutoScale

Retail’s first unified scale solution has arrived. Designed around the simple concept of a friction-free transaction experience, the AutoScale is a leap forward into the future of retail. Embracing the efficiency of enterprise automation, it works seamlessly with every other transaction touchpoint in your store.

When AutoScale is connected to the Catapult Retail Software Suite, item programming and price updates made to the Catapult system update the AutoScales instantly. AutoScale can be thought of as another transactional touchpoint in Catapult POS. In other words, AutoScale IS Catapult POS. When you update prices in Catapult, these prices are automatically communicate to the AutoScale. No more waiting for product information in batch files. No more waiting for two systems to synchronize. No more headaches for your customers. When you upgrade to the future of retail scale technology, it works seamlessly with the point of sale.

Plum IP Scale Management Integration

Catapult also provides a 3rd party integration option with the popular scale management software provided by Invafresh Systems Corp, to interface with grocery and deli scales to streamline weighed foods management. This scale management technology enables accurate pricing, margin control, easy promotion maintenance, and simplifies management of fresh food items in grocery stores.

Catapult’s Plum IP application provides streamlined grocery and deli item PLU programming and price management. Item updates are entered into Catapult and automatically sent to all store scales once they become effective. For users with Plum, price changes can be sent to all scales in the enterprise. This technology enables the user to make only one price update in the Catapult point of sale (POS) instead of manually changing items and prices at both the POS and scale management system separately. This saves countless hours in tedious labor and ensures a higher level of price accuracy between the POS and fresh food scales.

Because Invafresh’s scale management suite works with many popular scale brands, the retailer has flexibility in scale product choice ensuring the scale manufacturer chosen fits both cost and functionality requirements for specific enterprise needs.

Scale Management Integration Benefits:

  • Improves program uniformity between Catapult Items and Scale Items
  • Decreases costs associated with in-store support and programming of scales
  • Excellent ROI – increases Fresh Food revenue by up to 5%
  • Decreases time to introduce emergency corrections
  • Increases control over reliability of scale network