Mobile Manager

Heartbeat Analytics is a mobile reporting & push notification app for Digital Dining and can be found on both Google Play Store (Android) and the Apple App Store (Apple). Key metric data is synchronized to the cloud from Digital Dining, and Heartbeat acts as an above store reporting app giving you fully mobile reporting for things like Sales, Receipts, Voids, Discounts, and Labor. The Heartbeat App also has important security and performance alerts that are sent right to your phone through push notifications.


  • Sales Reports
  • Labor Costing
  • Fraud Detection
  • Push Notifications
  • Multi-Store Capable
  • Common Word Reporting
  • Apple or Android

The Perfect Add-On For Multi-Store

Because Digital Dining synchronizes data to the cloud, the Heartbeat Mobile Analytics App is perfect for multi-store operators that need to expand their management power over a larger enterprise. Reports can be ran for any period of time and will display both numbered and graphically.

IOS and Android

Heartbeat is available for both Apple IOS and Google Android. Any device with the OS will work. Heartbeat will auto adjust to the screen size maximizing the view.

The Native App Advantage

Because Heartbeat is a native app customers will be able to turn on and off over 50 push notifications. Everything from sales and labor thresholds down to security information. Heartbeat will keep you in touch with your business even when your not there. Never miss a beat with Heartbeat.

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