Scale Label Printer

Kilotech LE.3K Scale Label Printer

Build your brand with every label.

The Kilotech LE.3K Label Printing Scale is ideal for grocery, bakery, butcher and deli – really any place that needs a detailed label. Not just for retail stores, caterers and manufacturers can benefit from using this scale as well.

The Kilotech LE.3K Label Printing Scale has 126 Speed Keys because you can never have too many! The Kilotech LE.3K Dual Interval Label Printing Scale has a 30 kilogram or 60 pound capacity. Whether you have large or small items to weigh the LE.3K does it all. The LE.3K is preprogrammed to use Kilotech gap labels. It uses 4 modes for programming PLUs; kilograms, pounds, 100 grams and pieces.

It comes with easy to setup barcodes that fully integrate with your POS system. You will enjoy its efficiency with its easy to use features and it comes with a Prepack mode, Autoprint mode and Save mode. The LE.3K has an easy to use labelling solution to enhance your store branding without being a technical expert. It has 32 modifiable label formats with a variety of print options.

The LE.3K provides peace of mind as it has been tested to print over half a million labels in two months which is more than the average operator uses in 5 years. The LE.3K is accredited by Measurement Canada and Legal for Trade.